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Pediatric Podiatrist

pediatric podiatrist near me

Pediatric Podiatrist “We Even Treat Little Feet” Does your daughter complain of pain in her foot? Does your son avoid gym class or other activities because of the pain he feels in his heel? It is unusual for children to complain of foot pain, so if they do mention it, there is most likely a…

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Gabapentin (generic name ) Neurontin

Gabapentin - Neurontin.

Taking prescription Neurontin capsules: As with any prescription medication, be sure to read the patient information pamphlet contained within the packaging before starting Gabapentin – Neurontin. If you have further questions consult your pharmacist. Neurontin should only be taken orally (by mouth). It may be taken with food or without, and should always be washed…

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Dr Albert Nalli DPM, Ambridge Podiatrist retires

Dr Nalli DPM, Ambridge Podiatrist Retires Since the retirement of Dr Albert Nalli DPM Ambridge Podiatrist, Beaver Valley Foot Clinic welcomes Dr Nalli Podiatrist’s patients and will reserve time in our schedule every day for immediate help with foot problems. Call 878-313-3338 for same day and emergency Ambridge podiatry appointments.

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