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Jublia Fungus Removal Treatments Pittsburgh AreaApproximately 35 million people suffer from toenail fungus every year. Nail fungus, or Onychomycosis, is a common but difficult condition for many patients. Deciding which treatment for nail fungal infections can be difficult with options ranging from topical ointments, over the counter treatments, laser services, surgical procedures and medications.

Until recently, most of these treatments were usually ineffective unless combined with laser therapy. However, a new product is proving to be different than the rest. Let our team of experienced foot doctors and medically trained staff help you decide which treatment is best for you

Jublia (efinaconazole 10% topical solution) is the first topical triazole antifungal treatment that is FDA-approved for treating nail fungus. Nail fungus is a common and damaging infection under the fingernail or toenail. It is caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton rubrum.



How does Jublia work?

Jublia effectively blocks enzymes that prevent the synthesis of ergosterol (important chemical compound for fungal cell membranes). Fungi cannot live without cell membranes. Jublia works by killing fungi and preventing its growth while healing the existing infection

Jublia Fungus Removal Treatments Pittsburgh AreaFacts about Jublia

  • Jublia is the first topical triazole antifungal treatment for onychomycosis (nail fungus)
  • Jublia is distributed in a unified flow-thru brush applicator for targeted use
  • Nursing mothers should use Jublia with caution
  • Avoid all types of nail polish and nail polish removers when using Jublia

What does Jublia treat?

Jublia is used to treat onychomycosis. The FDA approved medication effectively destroys the fungi living on the fingernails or toenails. Fungi live in moist environments such as showers and swimming pools, and can target skin through injuries or cuts around the nail. The infection starts with small yellow or white marks under the nail, causing pain, thickening and discoloration. If the fungus is left untreated, it will permanently damage the nail.


Jublia Fungus Removal Treatments Pittsburgh AreaWarnings and Side Effects
There are no contraindications for Jublia
Do not use nail polish or nail polish products (including pedicures) when using Jublia
We do not recommend Jublia for pregnant women or nursing
Side effects include irritation at the site, itching, swelling, blisters, mild burning

How to obtain a prescription for Jublia
For prescription assistance, please call our office and schedule an appointment with our podiatrist Dr. Teimouri to see if it’s right for you.





Other Toenail Fungus Treatments, Pittsburgh

Treating Toenail Fungus with Laser

Jublia Fungus Removal Treatments Pittsburgh Area
Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

It is important to note that the toenail does not instantly become clear after getting any treatment. However, the fungus will die, and the results of this procedure will become more apparent when the new nail grows out. In many cases, people only need to get one treatment before they get the results they want. Some people have to return to Beaver Valley Foot Clinic for a follow-up treatment in order to ensure the fungus is gone.

Laser treatments for toenail fungus removal can typically completed within 15 minutes. There is no drugs or anesthesia required for this treatment. Laser treatment is also painless. Additionally, laser treatment is very safe.

Even though laser treatment is effective for killing fungus, a new fungal infection may still develop. People who are genetically predisposed to this disease are very likely to develop a new fungal infection. Patients with aggressive toenail fungus are often required to get periodic treatments.

Laser treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure. That is why it is not covered by most health insurance plans. The cost of laser treatment can vary greatly.

Antifungal Nail Polish

Antifungal Nail Polish at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic

If you are interested in getting laser treatment for toenail fungus removal, then you should contact us here at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic. Our professionals at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic will be happy to answer any questions that you have. We are based out ofthe Pittsburgh, PA area.