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Plantar Wart Swift System

Plantar Wart Swift Immunotherapy

SWIFT microwave process

Plantar Wart Swift Immunotherapy Microwave technology is a cure, not just a treatment.

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Our patented, minimally-invasive Plantar Wart Swift Immunotherapy delivers the most reliable, reproducible treatments available anywhere. Traditional devices produce ablative heat—extremely high temperatures which are difficult to control. Some degree of damage to adjacent healthy tissue is inevitable. These thermal injuries, a.k.a. burns, can leave scar tissue behind as they heal, and may become infected. The intense heat is highly effective at destroying infected tissue, yet has obvious drawbacks.

The New Plantar Wart Swift Immunotherapy

A breakthrough new way to treat warts is taking the medical field by storm. This modern treatment modality一The Plantar Wart Swift System一offers sufferers an easier way to eliminate their unsightly warts.  The Swift treatment is significantly easier, safer, faster, and provides more efficient results than the prior methods of cryotherapy or chemical peeling.

Convenience—Swift® treatment times are shorter than competing technologies.

Using a new technological application, this revolutionary procedure only lasts a couple of seconds. A small handheld device targets the layers of skin surrounding the wart with a burst of lower-powered microwave energy. Just like the appliance in your kitchen, the microwaves stimulate the targeted water molecules, generating heat and friction. The result一proteins are drawn to the area and your immune system is activated.

Studies have shown that triggering the immune system is critical. Normally the immune system ignores the outer layers of skin. Since this is where warts form, it is one of the main reasons it takes them so long to go away on their own. However, the new Swift technique directs the body’s attention to the wart, engaging our natural healing abilities. Swift directs the body’s response to the affected area and helps it quickly attack the wart. It does this by building an immunity to specific strain of HPV that is causing your wart. In a matter of days, the virus is killed and your body can do what it does best一regrow new, healthy tissue.

The Plantar Wart Swift System

Harnesses the power of Microwave energy to deliver minimally invasive treatments.

The Swift Corporation is changing how physicians think about viral conditions of the skin. Our technology leverages Microwave energy to deliver highly reliable, adjustable, and focused non-ablative heat to treat the underlying cause. This is accomplished via our proprietary equipment.

Case study from SWIFT trials

Plantar Wart Swift System

Above: Patient with a severely dry cracked plantar wart on the left heel with deep fissures. 3 Swift treatments later, the wart is completely clear.

SWIFT microwaves penetrate only to a predetermined depth with no lateral splay of energy and they don’t break the surface of the skin like other treatments can. SWIFT microwave therapy also facilitates the immune system to recognize and fight the HPV virus that causes the warts.

The non-ablative heat produced by Swift’s Microwave technology is safer largely because it’s much easier to control. It’s generated by a linear microwave array which, paradoxically, produces no heat on its own. It instead projects Microwave energy in a completely straight line over a precisely controlled area. The heat is produced as this focused energy interacts with water within the infected tissue. No local anesthetic is required to prepare for the procedure, and no bandages are needed afterwards.

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Lower peak-temperatures also make for a cleaner treatment. Swift technology produces none of the smoke seen with electrocautery and laser devices. Our generator also features a unique disposable tip design. This completely eliminates both the need for sterilization between patients and the risk of cross-contamination.

The Swift® System: a revolutionary new approach to wart removal.

Warts, also known as verrucae, remain one of the most treatment-resistant conditions commonly seen by podiatrists. Treatments currently in use include uncomfortable cryotherapy and heat-based cautery. Both can cause unintentional damage to nearby healthy tissue, and in a substantial number of cases the warts return.

Topical acid solutions are another frequently encountered treatment option. These come in prescription and over the counter formulations. The stronger prescription topicals can be effective if used as directed, typically for weeks or months. Non-prescription varieties are almost completely ineffective.

Swift® Microwave Technology offers a welcome breakthrough which benefits both patients and physicians. It’s fast, efficient, and scalable to even the most high-volume practices. The Swift® System’s features and benefits include:

The Swift Microwave Generator

Plantar Wart Swift System

Our simple user interface and software employs design features developed by some of today’s most visible tech companies. It’s designed specifically for a quick set up and ease of transition between patients in a busy practice. It’s also truly portable, weighing in at only 10 lbs (4.5 kg).

We realize that healthcare professionals spend years learning and developing their skills and developing trust within a community. Our part is making sure these clinicians can have the utmost confidence in the tools that they use every day.

What is the success rate of the Swift system in eliminating plantar warts?

The success rate of the Swift system in eliminating plantar warts can vary among individuals. Clinical studies and real-world experiences have reported varying degrees of success, with some patients experiencing complete resolution of plantar warts after undergoing Swift treatment. However, the effectiveness may depend on factors such as the size and severity of the warts, individual immune response, and adherence to post-treatment care.

Is the Swift system considered a painful procedure for treating plantar warts?

The level of discomfort or pain experienced during Swift system treatment for plantar warts can vary among individuals. The Swift system uses microwave technology to target and treat warts, and some patients may report mild to moderate discomfort during the procedure. However, the duration of discomfort is usually brief.

Patients often describe sensations such as heat, tingling, or a pricking feeling. The pain is generally tolerable, and any discomfort tends to be temporary.

Is the Swift system suitable for children with plantar warts?

The suitability of the Swift system for treating plantar warts in children can depend on various factors, including the child’s age, overall health, and the specific characteristics of the plantar warts. While the Swift system has been used in different age groups, including adults and children, it’s essential to consider the individual circumstances.

Is laser wart removal a painful procedure?

The level of pain experienced during laser wart removal can vary among individuals, and it may depend on factors such as pain tolerance, the location of the wart, and the specific laser used. Here are some considerations:

  1. Sensation of Heat: Laser wart removal typically involves the use of a laser to target and destroy the blood vessels that supply the wart. Patients may experience a sensation of heat during the procedure.
  2. Topical Anesthesia: In many cases, a topical anesthesia or numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before the procedure to minimize discomfort.