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Ingrown Toenail Treatments

Ingrown Toenail Treatments – Pittsburgh Area

Ingrown Toenail Treatments


If you have ever suffered from an ingrown toenail, you know it can be PAINFUL! If you get an ingrown toenail over and over or one that has gotten infected, our Pittsburgh Podiatrists have simple Ingrown Toenail Treatments. 5 minute procedure to once and for all kill ingrown toenail borders at the root of the problem! With Beaver Valley Foot Clinic locations including foot Clinics Moon Township, Cranberry,Ambridge and Beaver foot doctors offices, we can conveniently offer same day appointments to get you out of pain quickly and easily.
Ingrown Toenails can be painful, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your day. Call now 878-313-FEET (3338)



FAQ about ingrown toenails:

Nail surgeryWhat causes an ingrown toenail in Beaver PA?

  • Tight socks, pressure from shoes, sports like soccer, family predisposition, and incorrect trimming are all causes of ingrown toenails.

How do I know if I have an ingrown toenail in Moon Twp?

  • You know if you have an ingrown toenail if the side of the nail is pushing into the skin of the toe and hurts. The skin on the side of the toenail starts to get red and swollen. Then the infection can get much worse if not treated.

How do you prevent ingrown toenails in Pittsburgh PA?

There are 5 ways to prevent an ingrown toenail.

  1. Wear wide comfortable shoes.
  2. Avoid tight stockings.
  3. If you play sports or run then keep your nails shorter.
  4. Never pick or pull the skin around your nail.
  5. As you get older or have odd shaped nails, have your nails cut by a Podiatrist in Pittsburgh like Dr Teimouri DPM.

How can I cure an ingrown toenail?

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  • The best cure for an ingrown toenail is visiting your local podiatry clinic in Ambridge who performs ingrown toenail treatments. Until you get there, soak your foot in either warm soapy water or epson salts for ten- fifteen minutes twice a day.
  • Sometimes gently trimming the tip of the corner once it is soft can alleviate symptoms for a very short time; however, if you continue to do this with out eventual professional ingrown toenail treatments, it often leads to a spicule. This is a sharp piece of nail, that sticks inside and continues to grow out of your reach. It can make matters much worse. Last, after soaking, apply antibiotic ointment and a band aid daily, as a follow up to ingrown toenail treatments.

What are some symptoms of ingrown toenails ?

  • Ingrown toenail symptoms include pain, swelling, redness, possibly a foul odor (that’s when you know its bad), and in severe cases something called granulomatous tissue- overgrown bleeding very painful tissue growing over the side of the nail, making it very large and UGLY! If this is you call us right now for ingrown toenail treatments.878-313-3338!