Antifungal Creams

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic

Antifungal Cream

antifungal cream pedinol
Antifungal Foot Cream, Moon Twp PA

Pedinol Antifungal Cream
$20.00 -topical antifungal cream with effectiveness against athletes foot (tinea pedis), available in our podiatry clinics








best foot cream

20% Urea Cream for Dry Feet, Moon Twp


Kera-42 Urea Skin Softener 









skin softener
Crack Cream for heels

Moore Brand Urea Skin Softener 








pumice stone

Callus Cream and Cracked Heel Cream, Pittsburgh PA


Revitaderm 40% Urea Skin Softener with Pumice Stone








Foot Antiperspirant

Foot Antiperspirant:  

Antiperspirant for the foot- infused with black tea extract and sodium bicarbonate.











First Aid Antiseptic

Castellani Paint 1.5% (phenol 1.5%) is a classic first aid antiseptic and drying agent






Antifungal Cream
antifungal cream


Antifungal Cream

antifungal in a hydrating base containing aloe vera, shea butter and urea












Fortina+Antifungal+powder+sprayAntifungal Foot Powder (tolnaftate 1%) prevents athlete’s foot with daily use. Keeps feet and between your toes dry. Relieves itching, burning and cracking caused by athlete’s foot

Antifungal Foot Powder

 (tolnaftate 1%) prevents  athlete’s foot with daily use. Keeps feet and between your toes dry. Relieves itching, burning and cracking caused by athlete’s foot








Euro Essence Topical Toenail Fungus Medication, Moon Twp



Nail Antifungal Pen – Nail Esse Antifungal Toenail Medicine

$ 50.00 Topical antifungal nail product available in our 12 podiatry clinics and medi-spas. Very cost effective, contains roughly 1,000 nail applications if capped correctly.





Nail Strengthener, Moon Twp


Esse Nail Strengthener 

25.00 – topical nail product to help strengthen fingernails








formula 3 antifungal nail polish

Formula 3 Topical Nail Fungus Medicine, Moon Twp PA


Formula 3 Antifungal

$40.00- paint on topical nail antifungal available in 12 of our podiatry clinics and body beautiful medi spa locations









antifungal shoe spray

Shoe Spray to Kill Fungus Spores in Shoes, Pittsburgh PA


Tineacide Anti-Fungal Shoe Spray Kit 

$25.00 – Antifungal Kit  & Antifungal Kit separately- includes topical antifungal foot cream and fungicidal shoe spray to kill the fungal spores in your shoes – $50.00 & $25.00

Molecular AF

$30.00 Broad spectrum topical antifungal with effectiveness against dermatophytes, saprophytes, molds, fungus, and yeast, including candida.








Jublia nail fungus medicine, Moon Twp











Foot Cushions and Pads for Corns and Calluses


Silicon and Foam Skin Pads











Diabetic Skin Softening Lotion


Amerigel Diabetic Skin Softening Lotion 












Sensi-Care Skin Barrier Cream


Sensi-Care Skin Barrier Cream








  • Sun Shades 30+ Sunscreen 6oz Cream $20.00
  • Sun Shades 30+ Sunscreen 6oz spray $15.00
  • Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E, COOLING GEL $15.00
  • Renew Lotion  20oz $20.00