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Is toenail fungus painful? Why you should not ignore it.

is toenail fungus painful
Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus

Toenail fungus is quite painful sometimes, and most people do not know anything about it. Initially, toenail fungus may not cause pain and it will be fine for a healthy person, especially for those who do not care if their toenail looks good and appearance is a secondary matter for them. If your toenail fungus has just started and you do not know if it is going to be painful, we have come up with the facts.

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Toenail fungus is painful

Yes, toenail fungus infection is painful, an infection that is pressing on your nerves and is eating up your toenail is definitely painful. In some cases, it is a crumbly rotten nail like infection, and makes the toenail brittle. Some people think that it will come off based on the way it invades the toenail.

Who is susceptible to fungus infections?

Fungal nail infections can have a wide variety of causes. Each cause is treated differently. Some risk factors raise the possibility of getting a fungal nail infection, despite the fact that many of the reasons are avoidable. A fungal nail infection is more likely to occur if you:

• diabetes is a condition that results in impaired circulation.
• They use artificial nails and are over 65
• swim in a public pool while suffering from a nail injury.

Why does toenail fungus hurt?

Toenail fungus hurts because the fungal spores tend to invade your skin cells under the nail and try to invade your body. The process is painful, just like any other infection on your body, initial pain is more like a pressure, from the thickness, but after a few months it will become as painful as nerve pain, when it gets pressed into the flesh (ingrown toenail).

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What are the outcomes of ignoring toenail fungus pain?

If you ignore the pain, then be ready for any of the following:

The spread of fungus

If you ignore the toenail fungus pain, then be ready for spread of fungus on your body or at the bodies of your family members. The people living with you are also at risk of developing a toenail fungus infection. So, the day you see toenail fungus infection, is the time when you should call a podiatrist for a remedy for nail fungus.

Pain in the entire feet

If you are a working person and now working from home is not the thing for you then it is essential for you to take care of your feet. Worsening toenail fungus will make you feel disabled, causing temporary walking disability. You may need to take time off work.

The loss of nail

You may lose your nails. In some cases, the infected toenail will have to be removed. It will be a permanent removal and if you are an older person it may not ever recover. You may need to go to the salon every few weeks to get artificial nails.

The infection on the entire nails

No one wants to have feet with several infected toenails. It is the worst that can happen.

Laser treatment for fixing toenail fungus

Now, you know that toenail fungus could be painful if you ignore it from the start. So, let me tell you that you need to treat and fix your toenail fungus as soon as possible when you notice it on your nails. And one of the fastest and most effective methods to do so is by using laser treatment for the fungus on your toenails.

You may think it could be a bit costly( you may be pleasantly surprised), but it is the most effective and the fastest method to treat toenail fungus. The success rate of laser treatment is also very good. You can also check the laser treatment for toenail fungus review on and information about laser treatment there.

Other Treatments

Over the Counter Remedies

Antifungal creams and lotions are available without a prescription at your local drug store.

They’re not expensive, but they don’t always work to get rid of the fungus.

It’s possible that a sickness treated this way will go away for a period before reappearing. You’ll have to try something else if that happens.

Nail Removal Surgery

If alternative therapies fail or you’re in a lot of discomforts, your doctor may recommend that you have the diseased nail removed. This enables the growth of a new, healthy nail, albeit this could take up to a year.

Your doctor will either use a strong chemical to remove the nail or you may need surgery. Both can be done at the office or clinic of your doctor. You will not be required to remain in the hospital.

Oral Medicines

A doctor may prescribe oral drugs in more severe situations. Topical therapies are often less effective and take longer to act.

These medicines, however, can have negative side effects.

While taking these antifungals, a doctor may advise people to avoid alcohol and sun exposure.

They may also demand blood testing to rule out any potential issues. The following are examples of oral treatments:

• Terbinafine • fluconazole • griseofulvin • itraconazole

Home Remedies

Baking Soda

Baking soda proponents may recommend it as a treatment because it can help absorb moisture that can promote toenail fungus. It may also have antifungal qualities, which means it doesn’t kill fungi but stops them from growing. However, there is little scientific evidence to back up the use of baking soda as a cure, and there is no proof that it can treat fungal infections.


Only anecdotal data supports the use of vinegar as a toenail fungus therapy. Nonetheless, it’s a relatively risk-free home cure to try. To use, soak the affected foot for up to 20 minutes in a solution of one part vinegar to two parts warm water daily.


Toenail fungus may look like a very insignificant disease, but in reality, it is the worst of all skin infections. A single fungal spore can start damage to the entire body of a person, it is a severe disease. The best solution for toenail fungus is Laser treatment if you want fast results, but after that you also need to take care of your hygiene and have a proper diet as well.

Then after the laser treatment, use supplements for treating toe nails fungus, or the home remedies as also discussed on fixnailsfungus, which may take longer than you expected but are also reliable if you can be consistent.

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