Blood Blister

While most of us experience blisters sometime in our life, it’s worth explaining the sports medicine behind them. Blood Blisters and regular blisters occur when friction tears the top layers of skin, leaving a bubble between the healing layers of skins. While there is not much you can do to remedy an already formed blister (sorry!), you can take preventative measures by ensuring your footwear is properly fitted and that you always wear a good pair of socks. If a blister does appear, you will want to take precautions to make sure it heals properly. Applying a Band-Aid or gel can help reduce further friction.

Blood Blister center twp footRunners or tennis players often damage the toes, causing microscopic bleeding under the nail

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Blood Blister Under the Toenail

Venous Leg Blisters

Patients with venous reflux can get large blisters on their leg, which left untreated can easily get infected. These can sometimes become blood blisters if the delicate tissue tears.