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Plantar Fasciitis Pittsburgh

plantar fasciitis pittsburgh

Plantar Fasciitis Pittsburgh

Things to Keep in Mind

Plantar Fasciitis treatment moon twp

Some people develop plantar fasciitis when they start exercising to lose weight. This is particularly common when people over 40 take up jogging. If you suspect that this is the case with you, speak to your healthcare provider. He or she should be able to suggest some alternative activities that will help you achieve your weight-loss goals without putting excess stress on your feet. Some activities (like swimming) are great alternatives that support your weight-loss pursuits, but typically will not aggravate your heel pain.

Sports Injuries

If the cause of your plantar fasciitis is because of sports, your employment, or another responsibility, it may be difficult to stop or reduce your activity long enough to heal your feet. However, giving your feet a break is essential if you wish to stave off future, long-lasting pain. A sports medicine specialist or your primary care physician will be able to recommend an alternative program for replacing your normal activities with those that will not worsen your pain.

If you frequently exercise, talk to your healthcare provider about prescribing physical therapy or referring you to an orthopedist, a specialist in sports medicine or a podiatrist.

Plantar Fasciitis Pittsburgh

You may want to ask your doctor some of the following questions about exercise:

  • Should I reduce the amount that I exercise? How often should I exercise per week? How long should my sessions be? Which type of exercises should I be doing?
  • Should I put an ice pack on my foot after working out? If so, how many minutes should I apply the ice? When should I stop icing?
  • Is the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) appropriate in my case? If so, should I take them before or after I exercise?
  • Can you recommend any exercises in order to strengthen and increase flexibility in my foot and ankle? If so, how frequently and how long should I perform them.