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Orthotics, air cast boots, orthopedic shoes

powersteps insoles

Diabetic Arch Supports, orthotics and shoe inserts

Diabetic Insoles – protects the delicate skin of the Diabetic Foot by reducing friction and offloading pressure points.  Orthotics, Arch Supports and Plantar Fasciitis Products


Arch Support –  shoe insert that absorbs your body weight, relieving your foot joints of pressure and holds the subtalar joint in neutral. It is a Orthotics support that is used on the bottoms of the shoe’s arch that relieves the muscle strain and relieves pain when standing, walking, running, etc.
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dress shoe arch support Pittsburgh

Dress Shoe Arch Support – $40.00 Non-prescription support for feet that are placed inside of the shoes. There are prepackaged and custom made shoe inserts, depending on the patients needs.

kids arch support products Pittsburgh
Kids arch supports, Pittsburgh

Kids Orthotics Arch Support – $30.00

Spenco Sandals with arch supports, Pittsburgh PA
Spenco Sandals with arch supports, Pittsburgh PA

Spenco Arch Support Sandals – $40.00 helps prevent plantar fasciitis and contain a special neuroma pad to relieve shooting pain and numbness in the ball of the foot extending into the toes.

gel arch supports Pittsburgh
Heel Lifts, Moon Twp

Heel Lifts – $10.00  -1/4 inch or so silicon , rubber, or cork wedges put in the back of the shoe designed to take pressure off the Achilles Tendon, and plantar fascia


Powerstep® Sports Supports

Explore Orthotics, Foot Braces, Night Splints for Feet, and More

ankle brace pittsburgh Orthotic insoles aren’t your only option to relieve your foot pain. Sports orthotics like night splints for feet and jumpers knee straps are also great resources to help you overcome painful injuries or foot conditions. At Powerstep®, we provideoffers a variety of sports orthotic products to alleviate common foot conditions. We offer night socks or night splits that act as great nighttime options for alleviating symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. You can also explore our line of foot rockers, Achilles tendon straps, IT knee bands, and much more to relieve pain from stress fractures and more.ankle brace pittsburgh

Night Splint – $ usually covered by insurance- Used for plantar fasciitis to sleep in to keep the fascia stretched at night so it doesn’t contract other common foot conditions.

ankle brace pittsburgh

Ankle Brace – $10.00 – brace between the foot and the leg to support, compress or immobilize the joint to decrease edema, abnormal motion, and prevent or help heal injury. Comes in many styles.

Compression Stockings

Jobst Compression Stockings

$40.00 – $60.00

Fracture Shoe and Cast Boot Moon Twp

Camwalker & Surgical Shoe – $ – usually covered by insurance;  Camwalker- rigid cast boot that acts like a cast for fractures, post op, or sprains that limits mobility but allows for removal for sleeping and showering.

$10.00- Surgical Shoe- nonbendable, wooden shoe(post op shoe), used after surgery or injury to keep the foot from bending or moving so it can heal.



Vitality Viatamins in Prenatal, Womens and Mens Formulations

  • Mens/Prenatal/ Womens Vitamin– Vitamins  promote healthy Neural cords in babies while developing during pregnancy. These vitamins protect the mother from being robbed of vital nutrients her bones and teeth need among other tissues.
  • “Vitality Pack” Vitamin w/ Multi-Mineral – Women Enjoy better health and more energy with 24 essential nutrients specially balanced for women. Powered by Oligo for maximum absorption and antioxidant protection.  Men Enjoy better health and more energy with 22 essential nutrients specially balanced for men. Powered by Oligo for maximum absorption and antioxidant protection.*
  • 20  CellWise – Provides defense for your complete bodies organs such as eyesight, brain, muscles, DNA, skin and digestive system
  • $20.00 neutraceutical with patented delivery system that “pulls” vitamins across lining of small intestine so they are absorbed.
  • Calcium (Multi-Mineral)  $20.00 Calcium (Multi-Mineral) – contains Vitamin D and Magnesium to promote healthy bones and teeth
  • CellWise – Provides defense for your complete bodies organs such as eyesight, brain, muscles, DNA, skin and digestive system
  • Florify – Five billion colonies of flora from two probiotic strains support optimal digestive health, enhance your immune system, and boost vitamin and mineral absorption.*
  • ProvexCV – Helps maintain healthy blood pressure already in the normal range and promotes healthy endothelial function with a patented blend that includes the antioxidant power of 10,000 grapes in every bottle.*
  • ProvexPlus – This contains gingko biloba to help strengthen blood vessels and promote healthy circulation


  • Sun Shades 30+ Sunscreen 6oz Cream $20.00
  • Sol Shades 30+ Sunscreen 6oz spray $15.00
  • Shades After Sun Hydrogel E, COOLING GEL $15.00
  • Renew Lotion  20oz $20.00

How long does it take to adjust to wearing orthotics, and are there any common challenges during the adjustment period?

The adjustment period for wearing orthotics varies from person to person, but it typically takes a few weeks to a couple of months for most individuals to fully adapt to them. During this time, some common challenges people might face include discomfort, blisters, muscle fatigue, or changes in gait. It’s essential to wear the orthotics as prescribed by a healthcare professional and communicate any issues you experience during the adjustment period to ensure proper adjustments and a more comfortable fit.

What conditions or foot problems can orthotics help alleviate?

Orthotics can help alleviate various conditions and foot problems, including:

1. Overpronation or Supination: Custom orthotics can correct the foot’s pronation (rolling inward) or supination (rolling outward) to promote proper alignment and prevent injuries.

2. Bunions: Orthotic devices can help reduce pressure on bunions, easing discomfort and slowing down their progression.

3. Achilles Tendonitis: Orthotics may provide cushioning and support to the heel, reducing stress on the Achilles tendon and aiding in the healing process.

4. Shin Splints: Properly designed orthotics can help distribute shock and reduce stress on the shinbones, alleviating pain associated with shin splints.

5. Metatarsalgia: Orthotic pads or insoles can redistribute pressure on the ball of the foot, reducing pain and discomfort associated with metatarsalgia.

6. Neuromas: Orthotics can help by providing padding and support, relieving pressure on the affected nerve and reducing pain caused by neuromas.

Can orthotics help with conditions like plantar fasciitis or flat feet?

Yes, orthotics can be beneficial for conditions like plantar fasciitis and flat feet. For plantar fasciitis, orthotic insoles provide arch support and cushioning, which can help alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with this condition. The additional support provided by orthotics can reduce strain on the plantar fascia and promote proper foot alignment, aiding in the healing process.