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Sports Injury

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Shin splints

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What it feels like: You can experience pain inside or outside your shins, and you’ll usually feel this sensation at the beginning of a run.

What it is: Shin splints are the inflammation of the muscles around the shinbone.

Fix it: You can help heal the effects by icing the area and stretching out your calves; additionally, you should cease activity until the pain subsides.

Prevent it: It is common for new runners to experience shin splints, and the best way for newer and more experienced runners to avoid them is to slowly increase your running distance as your strength improves. Additionally, proper footwear can help improve your running and prevent injury.

Achilles tendinitis

What it feels like: You’ll feel pain along the back of your leg, nearest the heel.

What it is: Achilles tendinitis is the inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which is the tendon that connects your calves to your heel. This can occur when your calves are tight.

Fix it: To help restore functionality and heal the afflicted tendon, we recommend that you take time off from running and focus on low-impact activities for a while.

Prevent it: The best way to prevent Achilles tendonitis is to build strength within the lower leg muscles by performing eccentric heel lowering: to do this, rise up on the ball of your foot, then slowly lower yourself down on counts of six. Try to do this in three sets of 15 reps on each leg once or twice a day.

Golfer’s elbow

Tennis elbow can develop even if you don’t play the sport (golf is also a common culprit). Tennis elbow is one of many “injuries of repetition,” which are strained elbow ligaments brought on by excessive and repetitive use. Pace yourself if you want to avoid it. Take breaks, engage in other things, and stretch and warm up before playing every time.

Plantar fasciitis

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What plantar fasciitis feels like:  It is pain on the bottom of the foot where the heel ends.  Worst pain is when you first get out of bed in the morning.

What plantar fasciitis is: aggravation of the plantar fascia, which is a band of connective tissue  joining  the heel and forefoot which provides  support to the arch.

Fix it:  Call your podiatrist! quit messing around with it by yourself and get better!

What To Do If You Have A Sport Injury

Here are some tips on what to do if you have a sport injury:

Follow Injury Prevention Activities

Even though certain injuries cannot be completely avoided, you can still lower your risk of suffering one by adhering to the best practices for injury prevention. Perhaps you might stretch out more or do additional warm-up activities. Or you’re exerting too much effort. A personal trainer may be able to help you if you’re having problems sticking to a strenuous but safe exercise.

Consider Yourself By Eating Well

Your healing process may be significantly impacted by your nutrition. Make sure you eat a lot of protein while you’re recovering! Protein is crucial for building muscle, which will be important when you begin retraining. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C both have several anti-inflammatory benefits, making them excellent for healing. Additionally, you want to go for foods that are high in fiber, calcium, and zinc. These nutrients all have significant functions to play in the healing process.

Return To Sports Slowly

Many sportsmen are eager to get back to playing the sport they love. When the pain and swelling go down, this itch starts. This does not imply that the damage has healed and the muscles are fully recovered, though. A premature return, in actuality, can make your rehabilitation take longer. Before trying a return, you must work closely with your medical team.

Cold Treatment

The use of cold therapy is advised by medical specialists following a sports injury. The goal is to lessen bleeding and swelling. Additionally, cold therapy helps reduce muscle spasms and pain.

In the past, cold therapy was administered by applying an ice pack to the wound. There are, however, more recent and efficient options. For instance, some medical professionals might advise purchasing or renting a cryo chamber to treat the injuries.