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Removing a Leg Tattoo with Laser, Moon Twp, PA

Removing a Leg Tattoo

Here at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic, we are one of the few few premier offices with cutting edge Pico Technology to remove tattoos from your leg with laser, Cranberry Twp, PA

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original tattoo, Day 1 with red, blue, and black ink, about 20 years old tattoo removal laser

After only one treatment, blue is already gone! Some colors are easier to treat than others, and blue is the easiest color to remove from an old tattoo. Often in just one visit! Red is one of the more difficult pigments to remove, and our technicians are able to change the settings during your treatment with the Picosure laser, to remove stubborn colors.

Removing a Leg Tattoo

Removing a Leg Tattoo? Call Beaver Valley Foot Clinic to remove your foot and lower leg tattoos with a laser 878-313-3338   Not feeling that tattoo you got as a teen?   Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal & Laser Hair Removal available at Body Beautiful   Below the knee foot and ankle tattoos can be removed with laser comfortably at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic.  To have any body part treated with laser tattoo removal. We are one of very few Pittsburgh tattoo removal clinics with the PICOSURE Laser tattoo removal system which removes more colors in less than half the time! Call Body Beautiful 724-987-3221 for an appt!

Tattoo Removal: A Timeline

How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

One common misconception out there is that it only takes one session to remove a tattoo. Many people come into the office with this idea in mind. Even when using the ultramodern Picosure laser, most tattoo removals will take an average six to twelve sessions to fully remove a tattoo. This, of course, depends on the size, shape, and location of the tattoo. The Picosure laser is state of the art technology and the pinnacle on advancements in tattoo removal.

Why does laser tattoo removal require more than one session to completely remove a tattoo?

Since the ink was put in layers when you had your tattoo, it requires more than one session to completely remove it. Because lasers reduce the size of the ink pigment, it takes longer for your body to flush the ink out between treatments. Your skin needs time to recover as well. Receiving laser treatments can occasionally result in swelling, blistering, and a temporary change in the color of your skin. Sometimes your skin may become permanently discolored or acquire superficial scars.

What advantages do tattoo removal procedures offer?

It Hurts Less Than Conventional Techniques

Traditional tattoo removal methods left the skin irritated and blistering. The skin was slower and more painfully sore after receiving older laser treatments. However, the new procedure uses laser radiation that precisely penetrates the flesh, and the discomfort is far less than when getting a tattoo.

It Can Disintegrate All Ink Colors

Specific colors like green, blue, and some fluorescents couldn’t be broken down by older equipment. Most of these colors can now be broken down thanks to new technologies.

It Is Not Aggressive

Tattoo removal has undergone a revolution thanks to laser technology. While the procedure was once evasive and relied on incisions, it is now non-evasive. The laser will deliver powerful energy beneath your skin without harming the top layer. Without changing the surface area, this method effectively attacks the problem’s root.

Specialized lenses and light energy are used in laser tattoo removal to create pressure that breaks down large ink particles into smaller ones. The procedure is rapid and exact, and it won’t harm the skin in any way.

Little recovery

After getting laser tattoo removal treatments, you must shield your skin from UV rays for a few days. Even though some redness and discomfort could linger for a short while after treatment, these adverse effects should disappear quickly.

Remove specific or all tattoos

Specific tattoos can be removed using laser tattoo removal, as well as entire body parts.


One of the safest methods of tattoo eradication is laser tattoo removal. Few unfavorable side effects follow treatment, there is little chance of infection, and comfort levels typically remain high during treatment.

There won’t be any scarring because the laser light is made to spare your healthy skin cells. In contrast to removal techniques that rely on “sanding” the skin, this indicates that there is little chance of leaving scars.