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What can I do about my ingrown toenail ?

Best treatment for an ingrown toenail

The Best thing you can do for your ingrown toenail is see a podiatrist specializing in ingrown nails, like Dr Teimouri DPM. She is kid friendly and knows they are scared and need special treatment. Also she will wait until it is totally numb and never rush you. Third, as a woman she knows that you want your nail to LOOK good after it’s healed. This attention to detail makes Dr Teimouri DPM one of the best Podiatrist in Pittsburgh to fix it.

There are temporary treatments that are used for nails that are infected nails or for times when you dont have time to heal after a permanent procedure (like with an upcoming tournament or just before a vacation)

Then there are permanent ingrown toenail treatments that will keep the ingrown from coming back. This is called a Matrixectomy and is best done by a Podiatrist. This procedure is done in minutes in the office and may thump a bit that evening, but rarely is anything stronger than Ibuprofen necessary for the discomfort. Aftercare includes soaking the toe in warm water and applying an antibiotic ointment and a band aid daily for about 2 weeks.

ingrown toenail

Lasers to treat toenail fungus for thick ugly nails are also available

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Ingrown Toenail Treatment Pittsburgh

If you get recurring ingrown or infected toenails, the local Pittsburgh Podiatrists at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic have a simple 5 minute office procedure to permanently kill ingrown toenails at the root of the problem! … Continue reading

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