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Pittsburgh Foot Doctor Who Treats Ingrown Toenails

Pittsburgh Foot Doctor Who Treats Ingrown Toenails

How Ingrown Nail Are Treated?

There are so many different methods to treated ingrown toenail for each stage. Your doctor may use the following methods to treat your problem:

  1. Lifting The Nail

In mild cases, lifting the nail is the best treatment. In this method, your doctor will lift up your nail carefully. Then they will put a cotton ball or below the lifted nail so that it stops growing inside your skin. The cotton ball will stay below your nail until your toenail doesn’t start growing above the skin.

However, you must make sure you change the cotton ball daily and wash your toe as well.

  1. Nail Removal

In some cases if a nail can’t be saved or keeps piercing your skin then your doctor may need to remove your nail completely. During this surgery you will be given an anesthesia so you do not feel any pain. After that your toe will be covered with bandages so that you don’t develop any kind of infection.

A new toenail will grow back so you don’t need to worry about it at all.

Does the side of your toenail hurt? Is it getting red or swollen?

It may be ingrown. Here are some dos and don’ts :

  • Do not dig at it yourself
  • Do wear wider shoes
  • Do soak it in warm water
  • Do apply topical antibiotic and a band aid daily
  • Do call our Foot Dr @ 878-313-3338 for a location near you!
  • We also have laser treatment for deformed painful fungus toenails

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