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Fungus Toenail Care, Beaver County, PA

Fungus Toenail Care

Care of Fungus nails in Ambridge, Beaver County

Unless your nails look worse than this… don’t be too embarrassed to come see us for help!

Fungus Toenail Care
Probably 50% of people over 65 years old have thickening toenails. Yellow crumbly toenails that hurt are very common. I am here to tell you that you that there is treatment for thick nails in Ambridge.
On 447 Maplewood Ave in Ambridge a Podiatry Clinic with a Board Certified Foot Doctor treats fungus nails.
We have seen it all, and that’s why we are here, to help you when your nails have gotten away from you.
There are many different treatments  to choose from:
+ Nail cutting
+ Topical anti fungal toenail medicine
+ Laser to kill toenail fungus
+ Anti fungal nail polish
+ Ingrown toenail removal
+ Permanent nail root removal
We customize treatment to what each patients needs are, and what stage of life they are in.
We understand teenage girls don’t want chunks of nail removed and have to look good and take extra care to be aware of hoe the nail looks aesthetically as well as removing the pain.

Will lasers work on my nail fungus?

Remember that the fungus which causes these infections is a living thing. It’s highly sensitive to heat, which medical grade lasers are very efficient at producing. They’re also highly focused, so the heat can be directed at the fungus, largely sparing surrounding tissue. This is the main method used, and what most professionals mean when they say laser toenail treatment.

Signs Of Improvement

  • disappearance of the affected toenail’s or toenails’ yellow, white, or brown discolouration
  • Getting rid of flakes of dirt on or around the nail
  • Getting back onycholysis, or separating the nail from the nail bed below,
  • No more thickness, lumps, or altered nail shape; normal shape and texture of fresh nail development


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