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What are the main causes of ingrown toenails?

My ingrown toenails keep coming back. The main causes of ingrown toenails?

ingrown toenails

Some people can go their whole life without ever suffering from ingrown toenails. So why to some people get them and others don’t? Some common causes and risk factors are:

  • Ill-fitting shoes or high heels: Tight shoes and high heels can cause the toes to be compressed together too tightly. The pressure can cause the nail to grow abnormally. Shoes that are too loose can can cause rubbing and irritation. The resulting inflammation can start the process of an ingrown toenail.
  • Improper trimming of toenails: If cut incorrectly, toenails can be more prone to becoming ingrown. Nail should not be cut below the tip of the toe and trimmed straight across, not rounded. Incorrect trimming techniques can cause the corners of the toenail to cut into the skin.
  • Genetics: Some underlying physical factors can be passed down through the family. The shape of the nail and the bone under the nail can be the result of heredity. If someone in your family has had an ingrown toenail then you are more likely to get one as well. 

When should I seek help for an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail begins when a corner of the toenail cuts into the skin as it grows. An infection can occur at that site because the ingrown toenail breaks the skin barrier. Signs of an infection are soreness, redness and swelling. If allowed to progress, pus and/or blood will drain from the site. Since it can lead to some very serious repercussions, an infected ingrown toenail should not be ignored. It can lead to a serious infection of the deep tissue, a bone infection, or an infection on the blood. The National Institutes Of Health advise that those with poor circulation, nerve damage, AIDS, or diabetes to seek medical treatment right away. The ingrown toenail MUST be evaluated and treated by a Podiatrist near me.

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