Walking to Lose Weight

Walking to Lose Weight

Good arch supports in your shoes help prevent plantar fasciitis

Getting Dressed for Walking

The type of clothing you select for walking to lose weight will reflect both your personal preference as well as where you are walking. Will you be walking indoors on a track or at the mall? Will you we walking outdoors on a trail or road? If you will be outdoors, what is the climate in your area? What is the weather like? Dressing in layers is rule number one when preparing to walk or run. You should choose clothing that is sung but not so tight that it constricts your movements. Clothing that is too loose may trip you or rub causing blisters.

A good rule of thumb is that you should select clothing that wicks moisture away from your body. Doing so will keep you cool when it is hot and keep you warm when it is cold.You should start with a underlayer made from synthetic material. Wicking shirts are very popular and can be found in nearly every store that sells sporting goods. You should avoid using cotton as the layer that is closest to your skin, especially if you are layering for warmth.

Will a Pedometer help me Reach my Goals?

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Pedometers are electronic devices that measure how many steps you have taken over a period of time. They can be incorporated into watches, phones, or other portable devices. Some are worn around your wrist, while others clip to your waist band at your hip. Some are worn on a lanyard around your neck and some are affixed to your shoes. It is not necessary to use a pedometer to enjoy walking as a fitness activity, but many find them handy and useful. If you do have one, many people find that tracking their progress is a good motivator. Some have apps where you can share your activity and compete against others.