Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

laser tattoo removalThis is one of the most common questions asked by patients before getting a laser tattoo removal, and for good reason. No one enjoys painful procedures. The answer to this question can vary depending on a few factors, but in the majority of cases laser tattoo removal does cause a fair amount of pain. Some people compare it that of scratching a sunburn or of snapping a rubber band on your skin. Most people say that it hurts less than it did when they got their tattoo. So if you were able to sit through the pain of having the tattoo done, you should be able to get it removed no problem. In most cases patients expect the pain to be much worse than it turns out to be.

The size of the area will affect how painful it is. The larger the area, the more pain you will notice. There are also certain areas of the body that are more sensitive than others. For example, areas with more fat tend to hurt less. This includes the arms and legs. The fat acts as protection for the bones, which can be a source of pain. Areas with less fat, like the ankles, fingers and neck are much closer to the bones. This tends to cause more pain.

Pain tolerance is also a factor in how unpleasant the experience can be. It’s a good idea to bear in mind that everyone handles pain in their own unique way. These differences can lead to disparate experiences regarding the level of pain that one may perceive. Some people describe their laser tattoo removal session as very painful while others report almost no pain at all. Most people find that they are somewhere between the two extremes. Almost almost all cases, going into the laser tattoo removal process having a positive attitude will make the experience better. It likely won’t be as bad as you are think it will be.