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Treatment of Painful Tumors of the Foot

How to treat foot tumors…in Pittsburgh

Ganglion Tumors, Mucoid Cysts, Neuroma Treatment

The fact that most tumors of the foot are benign can be a problem- we rely on statistics instead of making sure. If you have a foot tumor, please have it checked out. It may be much simpler than you thought to easily remove it!

foot tumors

#1 A digital mucoid cyst is often found near a nail bed, or on the toe. It can become irritated by shoes and the skin is fragile and can easily break open, making infection a common complication.

Ganglion Cysts

This is a small soft tissue tumor near the ankle, on a foot. It was located just under the skin and was easily removed in a matter of minutes with just three tiny stitches. Patient was back in regular shoes and normal activities in under 2 weeks.


3cm large ganglion on the lateral size of the midfoot. Despite being drained multiple times, the tumor recurred and grew to the point that it made shoes uncomfortable. Removal was accomplished in under a half hour in the office.

Think you have a Foot Tumor?

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