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Best Treatments for Plantar Warts

Laser  Treatment for Plantar Warts

Treatments for Plantar Warts #1

This patient presented after 2 years of treatments for plantar warts at another local podiatrist. Treatment included debridement and application of sal acid paste 70% with occlusion, every two weeks for two years. OTC wart remover products are usually made from 24% or less sal acid paste products. The Planters warts treated got no better, and in fact spread.



Treatments for Plantar Warts #2

Our treatment consisted of debridement and laser treatment of plantar warts . Cantharidic acid was applied as a blistering agent to help with debridement of devitalized wart tissue at the next appointment. Wart laser treatment works by cutting off the blood supply to the wart. This is a gentle laser used to erase the broken capillaries on women’s faces. Its so gentle that even small children can tolerate it. The wavelength of light emitted by the laser is selectively effective against the chromatophores in the hemoglobin of blood in the small vessels that feed the warts. Without a constant blood supply to feed this viral tumor, it dies. At each treatment we can get deeper , until we get to the base of the older more established warts. New small verruca can be killed with sometimes one treatment, so the earlier you seek treatment the better. The black dots in the picture above are the “cooked wart tissue” with no damage to the surrounding tissue

Treatments for Plantar Warts #3


By the third treatment the warts on the foot were already disappearing. The patient was amazed, after suffering for so long.



Treatments for Plantar Warts #4

 This is our patient on visit 4. A final laser treatment was administered to ensure all warty tissue was killed. It has been 2 years and the warts have not returned. Call us today 878-313-3338 to schedule at any of our four Podiatry Clinics in Beaver, Butler, or Allegheny County locations, including Podiatry offices Moon Township, Ambridge, Cranberry Township’s full service Podiatric office and our newest Foot Clinic, Beaver, PA