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Treatment for Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts – Symptoms andWart Treatments, Pittsburgh

As does any personwho hasa plantar wart, Beaver Valley Foot Clinic knows how painful it can be. Plantar warts grow on the bottom of the foot, but warts can occur anywhere. Unfortunately some who suffer with plantar warts, or verruca,  take wart removal into their own hands. This is not recommended. To remove warts and for foot care in general, it is always good to see a podiatrist or go to a foot clinic.

What Exactly are Plantar Warts?

Warts are a viral tumor (HPV-human papilloma virus ) that cause small bumps on the bottom of the foot that are often confused with calluses. Sometimes they have little black dots in the center. Plantar warts are seen most often in pregnant women, kids, teenager sand as we age. Plantar warts come in two common forms:

  • Solitary Warts – a single wart on the bottom of the foot
  • Mosaic warts – a cluster of several warts on the bottom of the foot

Of the two kinds of plantar warts, mosaic warts are more difficult to treat. Single warts can increase in size and also multiply.

Symptoms of Plantar Warts

How do I know if that bump on my foot is a wart or a callus? What are those little black dots on the Bottom of my foot?  Why does my foot hurt when I press on a small discolored ares?: These are all symptoms of warts, or verruca. If you have any of these questions, ask a foot doctor!

Who Are At A Risk Of Plantar Warts?

Plantar warts can happen to anyone, but there are some categories or risk factors that can make plantar warts more likely to happen to you:

  • You suffered from plantar warts before
  • Your roommates or family members have plantar warts
  • Being a kid or a teenager
  • Skin injuries
  • Keeping your hands wet, water or sweat both can cause plantar warts
  • Biting your nails
  • Skin infections
  • Walking barefoot in places were wart causing bacteria grow, these places include wet places, gardens, swimming pools, locker rooms and gyms.

When Should I Look For A Doctor?

In most cases, visit your doctor if you see any symptoms of plantar warts but if you can treat it on your own then you can avoid hospital visit.

However, if they don’t work and you see the following symptoms then look for a doctor as soon as possible:

  • Plantar warts have returned even after you treated it and it comes back every time you try to treat it.
  • You are the sure if you are really suffering from plantar warts
  • You notice bleeding
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Change in colour
  • You suffer from chronic healthy conditions like diabetes or have a weak immune system.
  • The discomfort doesn’t let’s you perform activities properly
  • You are suffering from plantar warts from a really long time

How To Prevent Plantar Warts?

Here are some of the most useful tips to stay protected from wart causing bacteria:

  • Avoid direct contact with the person suffering from plantar warts, avoid sharing towels, nail clippers, or clothes with them
  • Wash your hands and feet daily, especially after coming in contact with an infected with person
  • Never go out barefoot, even in swimming pools and gyms
  • If your family member suffers from this problem then wear socks
  • Do not pick or scratch your warts
  • Keep your hands and feet dry

Treatment for Plantar Warts

plantar warts or foot warts rarely go away without treatment. They can even spread to others in your family, so prompt wart treatment is necessary.

Topical Treatments – OTC pharmacy treatments may work on fingers but are not designed for the strain of virus found on the foot. Topical treatments work by softening the skin layers that form over the wart. The wart can then be peeled or rubbed off. This type of treatment is not always effective.

Prescription Medications – Doctors can prescribe special types of creams to aid in wart removal. They might also prescribe oral medication such as interferon that will help boost the immune system to fight the HPV virus.

Seeing a Doctor – Wart treatments, Beaver Valley Foot Clinic knows, should be kid friendly. We specialize in gentle approaches that take care of your little ones feet. Apodiatrist will be able to remove the wart with laser surgery or simple curettage.

If the plantar warts return or do not respond to treatment, further evaluation might be required. If you are in need of safe, effective plantar wart removal and want to maintain optimum foot health, Beaver Valley Foot Clinic in Cranberry Township will be able to help.

So now we have the new swift wart removal system.

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