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What Can I Do About My Smelly Feet?

Smelly feet

If you or a loved one has smelly feet or stinky shoes, we can help!

In the last ten years, smelly feet foot care products as a result of technological advances have come a long way from the baby powder our grandparents sprinkled in their shoes.

smelly feet

One major cause of smelly shoes or stinky feet is hyperhydrosis, or excess sweating. Controlling the sweating helps control the smell.The trademark smell is really the sulphurous discharge of tiny bacteria that break down the sweat on your feet or shoes.

stinky feet

foot antiperspirant

After your morning shower, gentle pat dry your feet, including the area between the toes, and use an antiperspirant product. Our recommendation : Aarica Antiperspirant for feet, available at Beaver Valley foot Clinics 4 locations

Smelly Shoes

Some products are made to treat shoes and are not for skin. We carry a nanosilver antimicrobial shoe spray that coats the inside of the shoe with a nanosilver antimicrobial lining that resists odor for up to 4 months. It in Bacteriacidal, Fungicidal, and Sporacidal. It also helps to protect against athletes foot and fungus toe nails

Smelly feet

To treat discolored thick ugly nails, we have both prescription and otc antifungal nail products, as this also is a product of very sweaty feet.

Some products we carry for smelly feet or we can prescribe are:

  1. Formula three
  2. Danipro
  3. Tineacide
  4. Lamisil
  5. tea tree oil products
  6. euroessence
  7. dynamic oil with oil of oregano
  8.  antifungal nail polish
  9.  Jublia… and many more

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