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Scar Care with Lasers

Scar Care with Lasers

Treatment of scars on the leg with Laser Scar Therapy

If you’ve had procedures that have left you with scars on your foot or leg, there are Scar Care with Lasers treatments to help lessen them available.

There are a couple great alternative depending on your insurance coverage and how much you desire of great cosmetic results.

Laser Treatments for Body Scars and Acne

One of the most common skin concerns in the United States is Active Body Scars and Acne. These issues affect not only teenagers but up to 80% of adults. Acne scars, Stretchmarks, and surgical scars may cause emotional or physical pain and influence the quality of life.

It’s a stubborn condition, usually treated with over the counters, then possibly topical or oral medications, which often provides undesirable side effects with little results.

  • Topical Scar Cream  (available by Prescription)
  • Laser Scar Treatment
  • First your Dr can evaluate your scar and make recommendations depending on the age, color, texture and origin of your scar.  Then we can discuss your alternatives

However, we offer effective natural alternative acne treatments:

  • Our laser acne treatments light-based systems deliver highly concentrated light pulses that attack acne on multiple fronts.
    Reduce bacteria in acne breakouts and get quick clearance.
    With the additional Levulanic Acid added to an IPL, it penetrates down into hyperactive sebaceous glands and slows down the production of sebum that may be causing acne breakouts because of clogged pores.
  • Product education (even if you don’t buy our brand) knowledge you can take with you forever.


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for scars above the knee

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*Management including pigmentary charges, different lasers can be used, along with a prescription cream. In some patients, depressed scars can be corrected by subcision, injection of filler materials, collagen remodeling, etc.

“If your acne is under control and you’re looking to get rid of acne scars – we have multiple treatment options to successfully get you results!