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Plantar Wart Best Treatment

Plantar Wart Best Treatment

Swift wart procedure

Where Plantar Warts Come From

 A fairly common virus known as HPV, or the human papillomavirus is the cause of the very common warts on the bottom of the foot and with in 100 miles, only Beaver Valley Foot Clinic has the Plantar Wart Best Treatment – Swift Microwave wart CURE!. genital warts are treated at Body Beautiful.

Sweaty shoes, hotel rooms, pool decks, and locker rooms all can harbor HPV. This virus thrives in environments that are warm and moist. 

Runners, Gymnasts, and those with blisters and athletes foot are all at risk, as are children and pregnant women in particular. Since HPV enters the skin so people who may have a cut, scrape, crack, or skin that is waterlogged are especially at risk. That said, sometimes these entry points are so tiny you can’t even detect them.

Anyone can get a wart, but the elderly people, and those with conditions that compromise immune system function are also both at increased risk, and have a hard time fighting them.


Plantar wart best treatmentSwift is the newest treatment protocol for warts that is actually considered the first CURE! It offers our patients significantly less painful, faster, easier, safer, and more effective results for the removal of warts  than previous methods, such as laser, acid, using peeling chemicals or cryotherapy.

The Swift wart procedure itself only takes a couple of seconds. Using a special handpiece we deliver lower-power microwave energy to the layers of skin surrounding the wart. The microwaves excite water molecules and generate heat and friction, which in turn draws in proteins and activates your immune system.

With Swift, you direct your body’s attention exactly where it needs to go, and help it quickly build up an immunity to the strand of HPV causing your wart. In short order, the virus is cured and your body can start re-growing new, healthy tissue. Aside from 2-3 seconds of minor discomfort during application the procedure is painless afterwards, with no broken skin or downtime. If your time is important, most warts resolve with only 1-2 treatments.

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What Are Symptoms Of Plantar Warts?

There are many visible symptoms of plantar warts on the body which makes it easy for anyone to notice its symptoms. Here are some of them:

• Pain when walking or standing

• A small growth of rough area in the bottom of foot. It usually develops between your toes, heel or the ball of your feet. • Growth of lighter rough skin on dark areas. Its usually lighter than the affected skin.

• Thickened or hard skin around the rough area, calluses may also appear.

• Tiny black dots on the bottom of your feet.

What Are Risk Factors Of Plantar Warts?

Anyone can suffer from plantar warts, but there are some risk factors that can make plantar warts more prone to you, here are some of them:

• A weak immune system or a poor blood circulation

• Suffering from plantar warts in the past

• Being a child or a teenager

• Walking bare foot in places where wart-causing bacteria live, these places can include swimming pools, locker rooms, and gyms.

How To Prevent Plantar Warts?

Prevent plantar warts from reaching by our feet isn’t a hard task, all you need to do is keep yourself protected in specific situations, here are some tips to prevent plantar warts:

• Do not walk barefoot in swimming pools, gyms or locker rooms. They have a huge amount of these bacteria and these places contain many other harmful bacteria as well.

• Always keep your feet clean and dry, make sure to avoid moisture in between your toes.

• Don’t scratch your warts, it will make them worse

• Do not touch your warts even if they are your own, but even if you do make sure to wash your hands properly

• Use a different nail clipper, bath scrubber or pumice stone for area affected by wart and do not use these things in the healthy part of your body.

When to visit a doctor

If the following apply to the growth on your foot:

The growth bleeds, hurts, or alters in size or color.

You’ve tried treating the wart, but after clearing up for a while, it returns, persists, or multiplies (recurs)

Your discomfort limits your ability to do things.
Additionally, you have diabetes or weak foot sensation.

Due to immune-suppressing medications, HIV/AIDS, or other immune system illnesses, your immune system is also compromised.
The growth’s identity as a wart is unclear.

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