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#6 Do Lasers Really Kill Toenail Fungus? 10 Most Common Questions for a Pittsburgh Podiatrist

Tratamiento de hongos en las uñas con láser
Toenail Fungus
Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus

If you are looking for laser toenail fungus removal near me, look no further than Beaver Valley Foot Clinic.

We have lasers similar to the pinpointe laser and the cure ex laser for the laser treatment for nail fungus and laser nail fungus removal

Patients ask what is the best treatment for fungus toenails and are laser treatments effective for toenails that are thick and crumbley? Also we get asked “Can you cure ugly toenails with laser? and does laser treatment for discolored nails work?” The answer is a resounding YES! With our laser 10 nail packages, the laser treatment for resolution of fungus success rate is very high.

How much is laser treatment for toenail fungus? It depends on how many toes are affected. An exam by a podiatrist often can show a person fungal infections patients didn’t even know they have, one just has to know where to look and what they are looking at.

What are laser treatment for toenail fungus side effects? None if done correctly and on the correct patient. This is where the podiatric exam becomes important.

KeryFlex for Toenail Fungus

KeryFlex application is a cosmetic procedure and not intended to cure a disease. Ideal candidates have mild to moderate impairment caused by:

  • Nail fungus
  • Nail shape changes due to injury
  • Spoon shaped nails
  • Brittle and splitting nails
  • Horizontal ridges
  • Discolored nails

Why KeryFlex?

  • Offers another option for patients with damaged toenails
  • Delivers immediate and significant cosmetic enhancement after one visit
  • Looks and feels completely natural
  • Provides for cosmetically pleasing nails during most antifungal treatment regimens
  • Unlike rigid acrylic nails, flexibility allows KeryFlex restored nails to bend with the natural movement of toes and feet

When should you visit a physician?

Before choosing to consult a doctor, people typically use self-care techniques and home cures to treat nail fungus. However, you need to contact a doctor immediately soon if the self-care measures are ineffective and your nails start to become more and more discolored, thicker, or malformed.

What Additional Options Are There For Toenail Fungus Treatment?

Here are some other toenail fungus treatment solutions for you!

Drug-infused nail polish

An antifungal nail polish may be recommended by your doctor. You apply it once daily to the skin around the diseased nails and nails themselves.

After seven days, you use alcohol to clear off the piled-on layers before starting fresh applications. This kind of nail paint can be required every day for practically a year.

Drug-infused nail cream

Your doctor could advise using an antifungal cream. After soaking, you apply this product into your affected nails. If you thin the nails beforehand, these lotions might work more effectively. This facilitates the medication’s penetration of the fungus beneath the hard nail surface.

You apply a non-prescription lotion with urea to thin your nails. Or, your doctor might use a file or another tool to smooth off the nail’s surface (debride). Rash is one of the negative effects of antifungal nail lotions.

Nail removal

If the infection is severe or other therapies are ineffective, your dermatologist may advise removing the infected nail(s). One of the following methods will be employed by your dermatologist to remove the nail:

  • Nonsurgical nail removal, which involves applying a chemical to the nail.

Both nail removal techniques can be done by your dermatologist in a clinic or medical office. Any technique will allow the nail to grow again. Your dermatologist can treat the nail so that it won’t grow back if the infection doesn’t go away.

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