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Foot Care Tips for the Fall

Tips for the Fall

Foot Care Tips : The care your feet require changes as the seasons do (especially when you are walking through the weather of Pittsburgh). How you care for your feet and deal with foot care treatments in the summer, for instance, is different than how you would care for your feet in the fall. When you start trading in your summer sandals for boots, you should also change your Pittsburgh foot care habits too.

Consider Your Boots & What They Do

Your fall and winter boots are created to help keep your feet warm and protected against cold weather and its accompanying elements. But that dark and warm place inside your boot, where your feet enjoy comfort, is also a great place for bacteria to fester. Take precaution and use antifungal spray before problems begin.

Foot Care Tips

Keep Feet Clean & Properly Moisturized

Of course cleanliness is important no matter the season. Yet, when fall weather arrives not everyone adjusts their foot hygiene care. As mentioned above, boots can promote the growth of bacteria. This makes regular washing (and maintained dryness) particularly important. Also with frequent washing, proper moisturizing is also imperative for healthy feet this fall. Moisturizer helps prevent cracked heels, blisters and other potential foot problems and discomforts.

Take Extra Precaution & Care with Diabetic Feet

Diabetic foot care is especially important during the autumn season. Since cooler temperatures warrant lower blood circulation to the body’s extremities—like toes and feet—diabetic feet area t higher risk for potential foot problems. Specific diabetic foot moisturizer and foot washes, as well as diabetic socks that encourage blood flow should all be necessary items on a diabetic’ fall foot care check list. Contact the Beaver Valley Foot Care Clinic for additional information on diabetic foot care treatments.

Massage Your Skin Daily

The blood circulation is improved by massaging your feet for at least 5 to 10 minutes each day, which could ease any pain or inflammation. Additionally, the topical stimulation relieves the tension in your feet’s muscles.

Just before going to bed, doing this can have a profoundly soothing effect on your body, resulting in restful sleep.

Trim Your Nails Often

In addition to gathering dirt, overgrown toenails are also more likely to break.

Therefore, it’s critical to periodically trim your toenails with a nail clipper rather than a pair of scissors.

Scissors are not shaped properly to follow the curvature of your nails; they can only cut straight lines.

After cutting, smooth the rough edges of the nails using a nail file or emery board.

Choose Beaver Valley Foot Care for Your Fall Foot Care Tips

At the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic, we are focused on helping you heal quickly and properly so you can get back on your feet, pain free! Contact us today by calling (724) 375-1577 to learn more about foot care tip for fall weather, or to schedule an appointment for services. For gentle, fast relief from all kinds of foot pain, trust in the specialists at the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic!