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Beaver Valley Foot Clinic Opens New Location

Beaver Valley in Bridgewater

Looking for gentle, fast relief from all kinds of foot pain? Consider Beaver Valley Foot Clinic, with four locations throughout the Beaver County and surrounding area, including a new one in Bridgewater. “After 25 years being a Podiatrist in Beaver County, we are happy to announce our newest foot clinic in Beaver, PA, offering full service podiatry in Bridgewater including, ingrown toenails, laser for warts and heel pain treatment,” states Dr. Tina Teimouri.

Treatments Offered at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic

A variety of foot problems can occur throughout your lifetime with some being brought on sooner by diabetes or poor footwear. No matter the symptoms or cause, our Podiatrist is here to provide relief for your ailing feet. Some of the most common areas of treatments, throughout our four locations, include:

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic

Many symptoms and conditions can be treated with lasers. Mark Fleis, manager of the Bridgewater location adds, “We specialize in advanced laser treatments to treat foot pain, including laser toenail fungus, laser treatment for heel pain, laser hair removal, Beaver. We would love to show you our new MediSpa at our Bridgewater, PA, location.”

Convenient Locations in Beaver and Allegheny Counties
In addition to the new location at Bridgewater, Beaver Valley Foot Clinic is located in:

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We are focused on helping you heal quickly and properly so you can get back on your feet, pain free! Our board certified foot doctors offer the most advanced technology available to save you from many uncomfortable and often unnecessary surgical procedures.

What could be causing my foot pain, and how can it be treated?

Foot pain can arise because of multiple foot conditions, here’s some of them and their treatments, maybe you are suffering from one of them:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis:
  • Causes: Plantar fascia is a band-like muscle in your heeled, which can get teared or damaged if it’s stretched too much. This condition can cause a lot of inflammation and may even cause difficulties in walking, delaying treatment can increase the tears and make the condition worse.
  • Treatment: Rest and ice therapy, orthotic device and physical therapy in severe cases.
  1. Stress Fracture:
  • Causes: Continued pressure or overuse of bones can lead to developing cracks on them, which is known as Stress fracture.
  • Treatment: Ice, rest, avoid weight bearing activities, and wearing braces in some cases.
  1. Achilles tendonitis:
  • Causes: Inflammation of Achilles tendo because of overuse or extreme pressure, sometimes even injuries can cause it too.
  • Treatment: Just like other conditions, ice, rest, anti-inflammatory medicines, and good fitting footwear can work.
  1. Arthritis:
  • Causes: Inflammation of joints, especially because of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Treatment: Anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, orthotic devices, lifestyle changes, and in severe cases, surgery.

How can I protect my feet during cold weather?

Here are some tips to protect your feet during winter:

  1. Insulated Boots: Consider wearing insulated boots to keep your feet dry and warm, make sure you pick boots with good thermal induction.
  2. Good Fitting: Wear clothes that fit well, provide a good amount of space to your feet and doesn’t restrict any blood flow either.
  3. Soak your feet: Soaking your feet in warm water can make your blood circulation better. But avoid hot water, which may lead to dryness and cracks in skin.
  4. Stay active: Avoid sitting or standing for way to long, keep both activities in moderate.

To learn more about our treatments or to schedule an appointment for services, call (878) 313-3338.

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