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#5 Is There a Diabetic Foot Doctor Near Me? Ten Most Common Questions For a Pittsburgh Foot Doctor

Diabetic Foot Doctor

Diabetic Foot Doctor FAQ

What is the best foot cream for diabetics? A good diabetic foot cream has at least 40-50% urea to put moisture back into the skin, get it at the office of your diabetic foot doctor!

What does diabetes do to your feet? High blood glucose levels destroy the nerves in the feet, causing a loss of sensation that can be dangerous.

Why is it important for a diabetic to see a podiatrist? Yearly podiatric foot exams are important to catch problems when they are small and easily fixed. Prevention is key for the diabetic foot.

Why Do Diabetics need their feet checked?

Why do you have to be careful with your feet if you have diabetes?

They patient above could not feel the blister forming in his work shoes. Infection set in and created  huge hole in his foot, leaving him wondering if amputation was the only treatment. Using a variety of techniques, we were able to get it completely healed!

Diabetic Foot Doctor
diabetic wound image

What does your feet look like when you have diabetes?  When you have diabetes, your feet dry out, you may have lost your hair, rashes and cracks appear, then infection sets in.

What does diabetes feel like in your feet?

If a diabetic allows their blood sugar to be uncontrolled, first pins and needle type pain sets in. Then numbness comes and you must check your feet daily to prevent small problems from becoming large ones.

How can I improve circulation in my feet? Taking short 15 minute walks several times a day helps in several ways. Researchers have found mealtime walks will reduce blood glucose. Walking also increases circulation and helps one to grow new blood vessels into the area.

What inquiries should you make of your doctor when seeking therapy for diabetic foot ulcers?

At a consultation for a diabetic foot ulcer, you might ask your doctor the following questions:

  • Would my foot ulcer require many procedures to be totally healed?
  • Will my ability to walk after having a foot ulcer treated be impaired?
  • When will I be able to walk once again after my treatment?
  • How well does treatment work for foot ulcers?
  • What is the treatment’s success rate?
  • How long does recovery take following foot ulcer treatment?
  • In regards to my diabetic foot ulcer, should I seek a second opinion?
  • Is it possible to stop diabetic foot ulcers?

How To Prevent Diabetic Foot?

You cannot stop a diabetic foot ulcer from occurring. Hence, it is always preferable to seek the advice of a skilled medical professional for the proper care of a diabetic foot ulcer. Yet, there are certain recommendations that could stop a typical foot ulcer from worsening:

  • Use lukewarm water to properly wash your feet. Always use your elbow to measure the water’s temperature because injured foot nerves can’t accurately gauge the temperature and can lead to problems.
  • Always wear soft elastic compression socks or stockings.
  • To prevent foot injuries, avoid wearing tight shoes or sandals or going barefoot.
  • Make an effort to shield your feet from chilly environments.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol because they both increase the severity of the disease.

Are All Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcers Sufficient Candidates for Antimicrobial Therapy?

Not all patients who have been diagnosed with a diabetic foot ulcer should receive antibiotic therapy. Only patients with purulent discharge (pus) or symptoms of inflammation are candidates for it. If an underlying osteomyelitis is thought to be present in the ulcer, this treatment is also administered. Nonetheless, a detailed inspection should be carried out if the ulcer persists for longer than two weeks despite showing no evidence of infection.

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