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New technology


Real-Time Detection of Asymptomatic Bioburden in Wounds

Use of the MolecuLight i:X to image for bacterial fluorescence, in conjunction with clinical signs & symptoms, adds an additional bacterial-specific piece of information that can be captured and considered in real-time.

Real-Time Detection of Asymptomatic Bioburden in Wounds

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Digital Measurement of Wound Area, Length, Width and Depth with Moleculight

The MolecuLight i:X’s easy-to-use tool for performing digital wound area measurement and documentation allows clinicians to digitally measure a wound, save the measurement, save the image of the wound with a fluorescence image of bacterial presence, save location and load and allow access to the image longitudinally to assess wound healing.

Can advanced wound care technologies, such as negative pressure therapy, help in treating non-healing wounds?

Yes, advanced wound care technologies like negative pressure therapy (NPT) can be beneficial in treating non-healing wounds. NPT creates a controlled environment that enhances blood flow, removes excess fluid, reduces bacterial growth, and stimulates tissue growth. By promoting a conducive healing environment, NPT aids in healing stubborn wounds that might not respond well to traditional treatments. However, its suitability depends on the wound’s characteristics and individual factors. Consulting a healthcare professional is crucial to determine if NPT is an appropriate and effective option for treating non-healing wounds, optimizing the chances of successful wound closure and recovery.

How can preventing complications and addressing non-healing wounds early improve overall health outcomes?

Preventing complications and addressing non-healing wounds early can have significant positive impacts on overall health outcomes. Here’s how:

  • Faster Healing: Early intervention can accelerate wound healing, reducing the time the body is exposed to potential infections and complications.
  • Reduced Infection Risk: Non-healing wounds are prone to infections. Addressing them promptly can prevent infections from spreading, reducing the need for antibiotics and hospitalization.
  • Less Pain and Discomfort: Timely treatment minimizes pain and discomfort associated with non-healing wounds, improving quality of life.
  • Lower Healthcare Costs: Early intervention often requires less aggressive treatments and shorter hospital stays, lowering healthcare expenses.
  • Improved Functionality: Addressing wounds early helps preserve tissue and function, preventing mobility issues that can arise from complications.
  • Prevent Chronic Conditions: Untreated wounds can lead to chronic conditions like cellulitis or sepsis. Early management reduces the risk of such complications.
  • Enhanced Emotional Well-being: Healing faster and avoiding complications can positively impact mental health and overall well-being.
  • Lower Morbidity and Mortality: By addressing wounds early, the risk of severe complications that could lead to long-term disability or even mortality is minimized.


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Takes the guesswork out of Infection!

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Accurate: ≥ 95%1
Rapid: Calculate area, length and width in seconds
Automated: Auto-detection of wound boundaries displayed on image
Consistent: Reproducible, accurate
Facilitates Documentation: for wound monitoring and reimbursement
EMR Import: Images and measurements easily imported into EMR

Wound Healing Cost Savings with MolecuLight i:X Case Study

Of all surgical wounds, the highest rate of surgical site infection occurs with lower limb amputations.1 Infection complications include rupture of the suture line, cellulitis, delayed healing and further surgery. It is vital to aggressively monitor amputation wounds for clinical signs and symptoms of infection.

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