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Sesamoiditis: Ball of foot Pain

Sesamoiditis: What you need to know Sesamoid bones are unique to other bones of the body in that they are not connected to other bones via joints. Instead they are connected by tendons or embedded into muscle tissue. The kneecap and two small bones in the foot are examples of sesamoid bones. They are about […]

Walking to Lose Weight

Walking to Lose Weight Dressing for Walking The type of clothing you select for walking to lose weight will reflect both your personal preference as well as where you are walking. Will you be walking indoors on a track or at the mall? Will you we walking outdoors on a trail or road? If you […]

shingles vaccine

Shingles Vaccine

What is shingles vaccine (herpes zoster)? Why Shingles Vaccine? Shingles is an extremely painful rash. In most cases, rashes are caused by allergic or inflammatory reactions. Shingles, however, is caused by a virus. In fact, the varicella zoster virus which causes chickenpox also causes shingles. When this virus is reactivated in adults it results in […]

Laser Tattoo Removal and Swimming

Laser Tattoo Removal and Swimming Some people come in to the office and ask about swimming during the tattoo removal process. There are no concerns with swimming before starting laser tattoo removal. It is completely safe. What is a concern is swimming after a treatment session. You should wait between three to four days after […]

spider veins

Spider Veins

What Are Spider Veins? Spider veins are venous diseases that affect everyone in their life at least once. It’s really common so if you develop them then do not worry too much! They are just some broken and damaged veins that got swollen and because of swelling, they became more visible on your skin. They […]

Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

Dr Recommended Running Shoes

Before your next run, your next walk or your next trip to the gym, stop in at your local Fleet Feet Sports and experience the magic of getting outfitted and set up for success. Our FIT experience focuses on providing you with the right shoes, gear, and knowledge for you to move your best. Plus, it’s completely free and you don’t need an appointment.

krystexxa gout

Krystexxa as a Treatment for Severe Gout

Krystexxa Gout Treatment KRYSTEXXA has a different way of lowering uric acid levels, which is the key to stopping gout flares. In about 6 months, it can remove years of uric acid crystal buildup from your joints. ORAL GOUT MEDICINES DON’T: CONVERT URIC ACID: KRYSTEXXA is the only gout treatment that changes uric acid into a […]

contrast bath sport injury

Contrast Baths

Contrast Baths You can think of using a contrast bath as an enhanced icing routine. This approach involves soaking the lower extremity in alternate cold and warm baths. This can help greatly in reducing pain and swelling. Here’s a description of a basic contrast bath protocol: Submerge the injured ankle in a bucket or bath […]

Pyoderma Gangrenosum

What is pyoderma gangrenosum? Not a type of gangrene, pyoderma gangrenosum is a rare type of skin ulceration that is treatable. This disease is not contagious, so no need to be concerned about transferral. What causes pyoderma gangrenosum? It is not known exactly what causes pyoderma gangrenosum, but in many cases, it occurs following a […]

get fungus free nails

How Can Toenail Fungus Affect Your Life? 

How Can Toenail Fungus Affect Your Life?  Do you have a toenail fungus? If yes, then for how long are you going to ignore it?  It’s indeed a common condition that makes many people think it’s okay to leave it untreated as it may go away by itself.  However, it’s not the truth. It’s not […]

Botox for Hyperhydrosis

Using Botox to treat excessive sweating in several areas is safe and effective. These areas include the armpits (axilla), craniofacial area ( the face and head), and beneath the breast. The hands, feet and other comparatively small body areas can also be effectively treated using Botox. Most research has been done in treating the underarm area

Care of Casts and Splints

Care of Casts and Splints Cast Care Do’s and Don’ts Keep it dry Care of Casts and Splints – If you haven’t been told specifically that your cast is waterproof it’s essential to keep it dry. Also note that even if your cast is waterproof that isn’t a license to get it soaking wet. You […]