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Products For Foot Care – Pittsburgh Area

Insoles for Diabetic Shoes Pittsburgh Pa

Diabetic Arch Supports and Shoe Inserts

$40 Diabetic Insoles – protects the delicate skin of the Diabetic Foot by reducing friction and offloading pressure points.  Arch Supports and Plantar Fasciitis Products

Arch Supports, Pittsburgh PA

Arch Support –  shoe insert that absorbs your body weight, relieving your foot joints of pressure and holds the subtalar joint in neutral. It is a support that is used on the bottoms of the shoe’s arch that relieves the muscle strain and relieves pain when standing, walking, running, etc.

women dress arches, Pittsburgh PA

Dress Shoe Arch Support – $40.00 Non-prescription support for feet that are placed inside of the shoes. There are prepackaged and custom made shoe inserts, depending on the patients needs.

Kids arch supports, Pittsburgh

Kids Arch Support – $30.00

Spenco Sandals with arch supports, Pittsburgh PA

Spenco Arch Support Sandals – $40.00 helps prevent plantar fasciitis and contain a special neuroma pad to relieve shooting pain and numbness in the ball of the foot extending into the toes.

Heel Lifts, Moon Twp

Heel Lifts – $10.00  -1/4 inch or so silicon , rubber, or cork wedges put in the back of the shoe designed to take pressure off the Achilles Tendon, and plantar fascia

Night Splint, Cranberry Twp PA

Night Splint – $ usually covered by insurance- Used for plantar fasciitis to sleep in to keep the fascia stretched at night so it doesn’t contract.

Elastic Ankle Brace, Moon Twp Pa

Ankle Brace – $10.00 – brace between the foot and the leg to support, compress or immobilize the joint to decrease edema, abnormal motion, and prevent or help heal injury. Comes in many styles.

Fracture Shoe and Cast Boot Moon Twp

Camwalker & Surgical Shoe – $ – usually covered by insurance;  Camwalker- rigid cast boot that acts like a cast for fractures, post op, or sprains that limits mobility but allows for removal for sleeping and showering.

$10.00- Surgical Shoe- nonbendable, wooden shoe(post op shoe), used after surgery or injury to keep the foot from bending or moving so it can heal.

Euro Essence Topical Toenail Fungus Medication, Moon Twp

Nail Antifungal Pen – Nail Esse Antifungal Toenail Medicine

$ 50.00 Topical antifungal nail product available in our 12 podiatry clinics and medi-spas. Very cost effective, contains roughly 1,000 nail applications if capped correctly.

Nail Strengthener, Moon Twp

Esse Nail Strengthener – 25.00 – topical nail product to help strengthen fingernails

Formula 3 Topical Nail Fungus Medicine, Moon Twp PA

Formula 3 Antifungal – $40.00- paint on topical nail antifungal available in 12 of our podiatry clinics and body beautiful medi spa locations

Shoe Spray to Kill Fungus Spores in Shoes, Pittsburgh PA

Tineacide Anti-Fungal Shoe Spray Kit $25.00 – Antifungal Kit  & Antifungal Kit separately- includes topical antifungal foot cream and fungicidal shoe spray to kill the fungal spores in your shoes – $50.00 & $25.00

Molecular AF – $30.00 Broad spectrum topical antifungal with effectiveness against dermatophytes, saprophytes, molds, fungus, and yeast, including candida.

Jublia nail fungus medicine, Moon Twp

Jublia Topical Nail Antifungal – only by prescription-  topical antifungal with effectiveness against dermatophytes, and fungus, available in our podiatry clinics – $ usually covered by insurance

Antifungal Foot Cream, Moon Twp PA

Pedinol Antifungal Cream – $20.00 -topical antifungal cream with effectiveness against athletes foot (tinea pedis), available in our podiatry clinics

20% Urea Cream for Dry Feet, Moon Twp

Kera-42 Urea Skin Softener – $30.00

Crack Cream for Heels, Moon Twp

Moore Brand Urea Skin Softener – $20.00

Callus Cream and Cracked Heel Cream, Pittsburgh PA

Revitaderm 40% Urea Skin Softener with Pumice Stone – $20.00

Foot Cushions and Pads for Corns and Calluses

Silicon and Foam Skin Pads

Diabetic Skin Softening Lotion

Amerigel Diabetic Skin Softening Lotion – $20.00

Sensi-Care Skin Barrier Cream

Sensi-Care Skin Barrier Cream – $20.00

CROCS, Moon Twp Pa

Footwear – Relief  Crocs men’s & women’s

$40.00 winter and summer, with and with out lining, mens and womens, all sizes & colors, super comfortable! Diabetic CROCS with silver antimicrobial lining too!

  •  Dress Crocs
  • Relief Crocs
  • Crocs Sandals
  • Silver Cloud Crocs
  • Diabetic Crocs
  • Cloud Crocs
  • Crocs Rain Boots
  • SilverFox
Compression Stockings

Jobst Compression Stockings

$40.00 – $60.00


Vitality Viatamins in Prenatal, Womens and Mens Formulations

  • Mens/Prenatal/ Womens Vitamin– Vitamins  promote healthy Neural cords in babies while developing during pregnancy. These vitamins protect the mother from being robbed of vital nutrients her bones and teeth need among other tissues.
  • “Vitality Pack” Vitamin w/ Multi-Mineral – Women Enjoy better health and more energy with 24 essential nutrients specially balanced for women. Powered by Oligo for maximum absorption and antioxidant protection.  Men Enjoy better health and more energy with 22 essential nutrients specially balanced for men. Powered by Oligo for maximum absorption and antioxidant protection.*
  • 20  CellWise – Provides defense for your complete bodies organs such as eyesight, brain, muscles, DNA, skin and digestive system
  • $20.00 neutraceutical with patented delivery system that “pulls” vitamins across lining of small intestine so they are absorbed.
  • Calcium (Multi-Mineral)  $20.00 Calcium (Multi-Mineral) – contains Vitamin D and Magnesium to promote healthy bones and teeth
  • CellWise – Provides defense for your complete bodies organs such as eyesight, brain, muscles, DNA, skin and digestive system
  • Florify – Five billion colonies of flora from two probiotic strains support optimal digestive health, enhance your immune system, and boost vitamin and mineral absorption.*
  • ProvexCV – Helps maintain healthy blood pressure already in the normal range and promotes healthy endothelial function with a patented blend that includes the antioxidant power of 10,000 grapes in every bottle.*
  • ProvexPlus – This contains gingko biloba to help strengthen blood vessels and promote healthy circulation

Feet Care Tips

Check your feet frequently.

Look for blisters, redness, tiny cuts, or cracked skin on your feet. Use a hand mirror with a magnifying glass if you can’t see the bottom of your feet. A doctor or physical therapist should be contacted if you experience any issues. You should never neglect a foot issue. Check your feet every day if you have diabetes.

Carefully and frequently trim your nails

Trim your nails sometimes, but not too much. Too-short nails can get ingrown and lead to pain or infection. The ideal way to cut nails is straight across, followed by a careful filing of the edges. A podiatrist can help if you are unable to cut your own nails. Tell the nail salon to be cautious if you use one.

What should I consider when selecting socks for proper foot care?

When selecting socks for proper foot care, consider the following factors:

  1. Material: Choose socks made from breathable materials like cotton or moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of fungal infections.
  2. Fit: Opt for socks that fit well – not too tight or too loose. Proper fit helps prevent blisters and ensures comfort.
  3. Seamless Design: Look for socks with seamless toes to minimize friction and reduce the likelihood of irritation.
  4. Cushioning: Consider socks with adequate cushioning, especially in areas prone to pressure, to provide support and reduce impact.
  5. Arch Support: Some socks offer extra support for the arch, which can be beneficial for those with foot conditions or discomfort.
  6. Activity-Specific: Choose socks based on your activities. Different sports or activities may require specific sock features, such as extra padding or ventilation.
  7. Moisture Control: Socks with moisture-wicking properties help keep your feet dry, preventing the development of fungal infections and discomfort.

How often should foot care products like moisturizers be applied?

The frequency of applying foot care products like moisturizers depends on your individual needs and the specific product. However, as a general guideline:

  1. Daily Maintenance: Applying moisturizer to your feet daily, especially after bathing or showering, helps keep the skin hydrated and prevents dryness.
  2. As Needed: If your feet tend to get particularly dry or if you engage in activities that may lead to increased dryness (like swimming or walking barefoot), you might need to apply moisturizer more frequently.
  3. Nighttime Routine: Applying a thicker moisturizer or a specialized foot cream before bedtime can be beneficial, as it allows the product to penetrate the skin overnight.
  4. Seasonal Changes: Adjust the frequency based on seasonal changes. Feet may require more moisturizing during colder, drier months.


  • Sun Shades 30+ Sunscreen 6oz Cream $20.00
  • Sun Shades 30+ Sunscreen 6oz spray $15.00
  • Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E, COOLING GEL $15.00
  • Renew Lotion  20oz $20.00