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Crooked Toes and What Can I Do About Them


Treatments for Crooked Toes and Hammertoes in Pittsburgh

There are simple office procedures that can help solve all these problems!

What Is A Hammer Toe?

Most commonly affecting the baby toe or a second toe that is a bit longer than the others, a hammer toe is a genetically inherited conditions where the toes are Crooked Toes or bent and can be very painful.

Symptoms Of Hammer Toes

crooked toes
Hammertoe image

You Don’t have to live with Crooked Toes and toe pain.

For most people, unless you wear tight dress shoes, hammertoes are not a problem. But people that do dress up for work or play know what the symptoms of hammertoes are all too well! Redness at the bent knuckles, soreness where the toe rubs the shoe, and sometimes painful corns or calluses are common hammertoe symptoms. Sometimes the corns appear between the baby toe and the 4th toes and may even rub a hole in the skin, called an ulcer.

Diabetics, patients with poor circulation, and those with neuropathy are at particular risk, and may not even realize it. A small hole in the skin can lead to an infection, amputation of the toe, or even the foot.

Seek Hammer toe Treatment from a Board Certified Podiatrist

Home remedies can be dangerous; see a podiatrist if:
•    Painful ball of the foot
•    Unsightly appearance
•    painful walking in shoes

•    shoes don’t fit, or toes are cramped

•    Worsening toe deformity
•    Toe pain or redness on the knuckle

Non-surgical Treatments for Hammer Toes

As soon as you realize you have a problem with your toes, call a podiatrist. She can help you find non-operative treatments for hammer toes, or claw toes, and are geared toward decreasing spain (and/or calluses) andkeeping you from developing a much worse problem.

Simple home treatments you can do immediately are:
•    Wear a wide comfortable , more squared toe box
•    Use an arch support or wear supportive shoes
•    cut back on activities that cause pain
•    offload callused areas
•    apply exfoliative callus cream daily, available through your podiatrist( over the counter ones can be dangerous
•    Periodic care from your podiatrist

DO NOT use medicated callus pads with out first checking with your podiatrist

Non surgical care of hammertoes at a Drs office:

•    Injections
•    Toe Splints or Pads
•    Custom Foot Orthotics
•    Anti-inflammatory Medicines
•   Physical Therapy

Hammer Toe Surgery

Straightening and/ or shortening of a painful hammertoe can be done in a single simple 15 minute office procedure. Walking is resumed immediately in a special shoe. Those with sitting jobs can office return to work aftera hammertoe surgery after as little as a long weekend. Call for details today!

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