Gabapentin (generic name ) Neurontin

Taking prescription Neurontin capsules:

Gabapentin - Neurontin.

Pins and Needles Feeling

As with any prescription medication, be sure to read the patient information pamphlet contained within the packaging before starting Gabapentin – Neurontin. If you have further questions consult your pharmacist.

Neurontin should only be taken orally (by mouth). It may be taken with food or without, and should always be washed down with plenty of water. Gabapentin dosage varies widely depending on which condition it’s being prescribed for. In young children, dosing is also determined based on the patient’s weight.

Swallow tablets whole, never chew or otherwise crush them. If you’re dividing tablets to achieve the correct dose, use the divided halves promptly. Discard any broken tablets if you haven’t taken them within several days. Only take Neurontin orally: never snort, inject or take this medication in any other way. Always take Neurontin with plenty of water.

Take Gabapentin as Directed

Take Neurontin (and all other prescription drugs) exactly as instructed. It’s likely that you’ll be started at a small dose which will be gradually increased over the following days. This can minimize side effects by allowing the body to become accustomed to the drug. Especially at the start of treatment, it’s generally advisable to take Neurontin before bed, as drowsiness is a common side effect.

To receive the most benefits from this medication it must be taken at regular times. Take this drug in divided doses at even intervals throughout the day. This ensures that the level of medication in your system remains as consistent as possible. Make sure that no more than 12 hours elapses between doses, especially if Neurontin is being prescribed to treat epilepsy. Failing to do so can increase a patient’s risk of seizures.

Never adjust your own dose of Neurontin, either up or down. Don’t stop taking this medication on your own, especially if it’s being used to control epilepsy. Abruptly discontinuing gabapentin or any other antiepileptic drug can greatly increase the risk of seizures.

Avoid antacids which contain magnesium, aluminum, or both while taking Neurontin. When combined, these medications can reduce the body’s ability to absorb gabapentin. If it’s necessary to take these types of antacids, don’t take them within 2 hours of taking Neurontin.

Gabapentin comes in sustained release, immediate release, and enteric coated varieties. Each is absorbed by the body differently, and has been prescribed to you for a specific reason. Never switch from one form to another unless your doctor instructs you to.

Tell your doctor immediately if the condition you’re being prescribed Neurontin for fails to improve or becomes worse.

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